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Every year many people fall victim to medical blunders. One of the biggest causes of medical errors is the failure of proper patient identification verification.

We have 2 Types of wristbands available, if you require special sizes or would like to use them in another type of application, please contact our sales staff who will gladly assist in providing you with a solution.

DuraMark™ Wristbands

DuraMark™ Wristbands are virtually indestructible and display various details of patient information, encoded securely in a barcode. They remain legible even after extended exposure to water, abrasion, cleaners and everyday wear.

Each wristband provides enhanced safety through positive identification of individual patients, linked to a patients medical or account number using both human readable text, barcodes and if desired, a patient's picture. All without the need of thermal transfer ribbons which raise costs, are cumbersome, and under HIPAA guidelines require expensive destruction procedures.

DuraMark™ Wristbands are:

  • Smudge, Smear & Water Proof
  • Comfortable & Dependable
  • Latex Free Material
  • Failsafe Fasteners™
  • 7 Colors For Identity, Status Codes
  • Non-Transferable Security Closure
  • Latex Free Plastic

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  Thermal Transfer (standard & soft types) Direct Thermal
Label Thermal Transfer Direct Thermal
Facestock Material Synthetic paper and polyester (PET) with antibacterial finishing
Synthetic paper and polyethylene (PE) with antibacterial finishing
Polyester (PET), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polycarbonate with polyethylene (PE) film
Resistance Ethanol, dry, wet, soap and oil abrasion, curl test with oil Ethanol, water, heat, UV Light, smudge and scratch test
Facestock Caliper 0.225m / 0.009N
0.330mm / 0.013N

0.270mm / 0.011"

Size 295.000mm L X 29.000mm W / 11.623" L X 1.143" W
295.000mm L X 15.000mm W / 11.623" L X 0.591" W
170.000mm L X 27.000mm W / 6.700" L X 1.064" W
170.000mm L X 15.000mm W / 6.7000" L X 0.591" W
292.60mm L X 28.57mm W / 11.528" L X 1.126" W
259.71mm L X 25.40 W / 10.223" L X 1.0001" W

Starting size: 304.800MM L x 39.243mm W
12.009" L X 1.546" W
Finished size: 292.608mm L X 28.575mm W
11.529" L X 1.126" W

Starting size: 269.875mm L X 39.243mm W
10.633" L X 1546" W
Finished size: 259.715mm L X 25.400mm W
10.233" L X 1.0001" W

Starting size: 196.850mm L X 39.243mm W
7.756" L X 1.546" W
Finished size: 186.690mm L X 19.050mm W
7.356" L X 0.751" W

Wristband Colour  White, Yellow, Red, Blue & Green. Custom colours and designs available Bright White
Neonatal Secure ID™

Neonatal Secure ID™ bands are your answer to comfort and safe patient identification of neonatal patients and newborns. Comfortable, yet durable, they display the patient and parent detail you desire and provide positive patient identification.

Dependable Identification for:

  • Birthing Wards
  • Delivery Room
  • Maternity Wards
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU)
  • Obstetric Wards

Each band provides safety through positive identification of the individual patient and presents a platform for linking mother/infant. High quality materials allow for the print of human readable text, barcodes and if desired, a patient or parents picture. All without the need of thermal transfer ribbons or laser toner.

Neonatal Secure ID™ Bands are:

  • Smudge, Smear and Water resistant
  • Comfortable, Dependable and Secure
  • Reliable means of Positive Neonate Identification
Neonate Secure ID™ Band
Starting size: 1.5625" W X 6"L
Bright White

PROPERTIES Construction Multilayered film
Sensing Eyemark
Imaging Type Direct Thermal
Scannability Visible, NR and IR light spectrums
DURABILITY UV Light Resistance Minimal discoloration with extended UV exposure
Water Resistance Withstands total emersion and wet heat up to 150°F
Storage Conditions 5- 25°C (41-77°F) RH 45 - 65%
Usage Conditions 5 - 40°C (41 - 104°F)
PACKAGING Roll Size: 2.5" O.D. 1.5" I.D. with plastic core
Roll Count 100 roll
Roll Wind Face out
Rolls per box 5
The above data represents product averages, allowing for industry-accepted variances. These products should be tested in the end-use conditions to ensure that they meet the requirements of the specific application. Specification may change without notice.