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Over the past years thermal and thermal transfer printing technology has been confirmed as the most suitable for printing labels, cards and tickets in real time.

The success of this type of technology has been mainly due to its flexibility, which in turn has resulted in the availability of printers and consumables suitable for solving all production and labelling requirements.

ADE has a complete range of barcode direct thermal / thermal transfer printers that support light duty and speciality applications as well as applications in the most rugged environments.

It is possible to choose between printing speeds from 50mm/sec to 300mm/sec, graphic resolutions from 200 to 600 dots per inch, and printing widths ranging from 2 to 8 inches.

Our range of barcode printers:
Intermec systems are built to withstand the rigors of your real-world environment and they offer comprehensive security, protecting the privacy and integrity of your data and your network. Additionally, Intermec products and systems conform to industry standards and use the latest technologies, making it easier for you to migrate to new systems as your needs change.

SATO - is recognized for delivering rugged dependability and reliable performance throughout its product line, which includes direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, RFID Smart printers, OEM print engines, 10.5-inch wide web printers and printer accessories.

With a reputation for integrity, innovation, and value, Zebra consistently delivers the highest quality products. Their ISO 9001 Quality Management System and Six Sigma initiatives demonstrate a commitment to defect prevention and continuous improvement of their product.
  • High resolution inkjet equipments for high performance industrial marking
  • Print & Apply automatic labeling system for packs and cases
  • Efficient equipments for your product identification and traceability in the production line
  • Pallet labeling in one, two or three sides in real time
Our range of print & apply:

Founded in 1994, United Barcode Systems rapidly became capable of offering solutions within the automatic identification field. The experience and knowledge acquired in the automatic printing and identification systems, became crucial to focus the new business strategies in providing global solutions to meet our customers labeling, coding and marking needs.

Nowadays, UBS is a leader within the labeling, coding and marking sectors. Proof of this is our large national coverage and international presence, providing comprehensive automatic identification solutions, as well as the thousands of companies who benefit from our wide-ranging products and services.

Focused in offering the best technology and quality on the market, your projects are carried out by the hands of our qualified team of engineers, technicians and computer professionals, from early advising to final running. Our systems, software and consumables are also backed up by a wide national sales and international distribution network, establishing a trust link confirmed by our support and high competent technical service.

With this same spirit we continue to innovate and develop labeling and marking solutions adaptable to any type of sector and industrial environment, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large companies, accomplishing all identification and traceability actual and future requirements.


Reading and decoding technology. utilizing barcodes, involves three distinct operations – printing, reading and decoding.

In the reading phase the choice of reader is extremely important. ADE offers diverse technologies aimed at specifically satisfying the numerous application and environmental requirements.

Our devices can be grouped into 5 categories:

  • Optical pen readers for contact reading
  • Linear CCD readers for close range reading
  • CCD Imager readers for reading 2 dimensional symbologies
  • Laser readers for long range reading
  • Decoders
Our range of barcode scanners:
Microscan is a technology leader focused on precision data acquisition and control solutions serving a wide range of automation and OEM markets

Fuzzy Scan & Perfect Scan
ADE’s hand held systems allow business to practice just-in-time inventory management; reducing overhead costs, while ensuring sufficient material is available to keep lines in constant motion.

In manufacturing operations that involve hundreds or thousands of parts, a single out of stock item can bring the whole operation to a halt.

Continuous track of inventory prevents shortages that could cripple production.

ADE Has had the Videx agency for 12 years.

This product has been extensively used in the Gautrain project.

Our range of handheld computers:
CipherLab is a world leader in AIDC solutions for a wide range of industries. CipherLab's expertise is at the convergence of scanning, mobile computing, and business process design. The results? More efficient supply chains, field sales services, retail operation and reduced cost of doing business in almost every sector.
Label applicators increase productivity and help the bottom line. Every business that uses labels can benefit from this label applicator.

Towa applicators use an exclusive label edge detector which automatically detects the leading edge of the label providing complete accuracy in dispensing. Each of three applicators can dispense any type of label and requires no special liner tool, cartridges or cassettes.

Our range of label applicators:
DNA & Towa

Label Portfolio
Labels can be supplied as plain or coloured, in a variety of materials: Paper, Card, Acetate or Customised with a selection of Adhesives: Permanent , Extra Permanent, & Removable.

Ribbon Information
ADE supplies only the finest ribbons to assure you of trouble free operation and minimal printhead wear. We offer the choice of "Original Manufacturers) ribbons or high quality "Compatibles" for most makes of printers.

  • :: View our Specials ::Digital printing is the method of printing from a digital based image to a variety of media.
  • Digital printing allows for on demand printing and short turnaround time as no printing plates are needed.
  • The main difference between flexography printing and digital printing is that no printing plates are required and there is no limit on how many colours can be used.
  • Digital printing allows for more colours and photographic quality when printed.