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Towa applicators use an exclusive label edge detector which automatically detects the leading edge of the label providing complete accuracy in dispensing. Each of three applicators can dispense any type of label and requires no special liner tool, cartridges or cassettes.

Towa Applicator / Dispensor
No other conventional type label applicators ensure proper and exact labeling like the Towa Applicator series.

Length/Stroke : Towa AP65-30: 20-60 mm
Towa AP65-60: 20-60 mm
Towa AP65-100: 20-60 mm
Width : Towa AP65-30: 20-30 mm
Towa AP65-60: 25-60 mm
Towa AP65-100: 55-100 mm
Max. Reel Diameter : Towa AP65-30: 100 mm
Towa AP65-60: 100 mm
Towa AP65-100: 100 mm
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